El Salvador

North America

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About Country

San Salvador
Approximately 6.5 million (2021 estimate)
Population Density
313 people per square kilometer
$26.7 billion (nominal, 2021 estimate)
Spanish is the official language
US dollar (since 2001)
National Dish
Pupusas (a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with various fillings, such as cheese, beans, or meat)
Christianity is the predominant religion in El Salvador, with the majority of the population being Roman Catholic
El Salvador has a tropical climate, with a rainy season from May to October and a dry season from November to April
Main Industries
Manufacturing, including textiles and food processing; agriculture, including coffee and sugarcane production; and tourism
Level of Development
El Salvador is considered a developing country, with a human development index (HDI) ranking of 123 out of 189 countries (2020)
Approximately 21,041 square kilometers

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El Salvador is a small country located in Central America, bordered by Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east. It has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean to the south. Despite its small size, El Salvador is known for its rich history and culture, including its indigenous heritage and colonial-era architecture.


  • Carretera a Ahuachapán, Chalchuapa, El Salvador
  • Carretera Al Puerto De la Libertad, Santa Tecla, El Salvador
  • Centro Histórico de SS, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Comida Típica en El Salvador
  • El Cuco, El Salvador(1)
  • El Encanto Country Club, San José Villanueva, El Salvador
  • El monumento a El Salvador del Mundo, en la ciudad de San Salvador
  • Iglesia Santa Lucía, data de 1853
  • La Libertad, El Salvador (1)
  • La Libertad, El Salvador
  • La Paz Department, El Salvador
  • Lago Coatepeque, El Salvador
  • Los Planes de Renderos, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • National Palace, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Playa San Blas, El Salvador
  • San Salvador, El Salvador (1)
  • San Salvador, El Salvador (2)
  • San Salvador, El Salvador (3)
  • San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Shalpa Beach, El Salvador
  • Suchitoto, El Salvador
  • Teatro Nacional, San Salvador, El Salvador

Main Attractions

Some of the main tourist attractions in El Salvador include:

  • 1

    Joya de Cerén: an archaeological site located near the town of San Juan Opico that was buried by volcanic ash in AD 600, providing a rare glimpse into the daily life of the indigenous people of the time.

  • 2

    Ruta de las Flores: a scenic route through the western part of the country that is known for its charming towns, beautiful landscapes, and coffee plantations.

  • 3

    Tazumal: an archaeological site located in the town of Chalchuapa that features a complex of Mayan ruins and a museum.

  • 4

    Lake Coatepeque: a beautiful crater lake located in the western part of the country that is popular for swimming, boating, and hiking.

  • 5

    San Salvador Cathedral: a historic cathedral located in the capital city of San Salvador that was built in the 18th century and features beautiful colonial-era architecture.

  • 6

    El Boquerón National Park: a national park located near the capital city that features the Boquerón volcano, hiking trails, and a visitor center.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions that El Salvador has to offer. The country's rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and warm hospitality make it a fascinating destination for tourists from around the world.


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