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About Country

Approximately 1.9 million (2021 estimate)
Population Density
30 people per square kilometer
$35.6 billion (nominal, 2021 estimate)
Latvian is the official language, but English, Russian, and German are also widely spoken
Euro (EUR)
National Dish
Grey peas with bacon, a traditional Latvian dish made with boiled peas and smoked bacon
Christianity is the predominant religion in Latvia, with the Evangelical Lutheran Church being the largest denomination
Latvia has a humid continental climate, characterized by cold winters and mild summers. The country is known for its frequent rainfall and occasional snow
Main Industries
Manufacturing, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics; service industries, including transportation and logistics, finance, and tourism; and agriculture
Level of Development
Latvia is considered a developed country, with a high-income mixed economy and a human development index (HDI) ranking of 44 out of 189 countries (2020)
Approximately 64,589 square kilometers

Uncover the hidden treasures of Latvia 🇱🇻, a land of stunning natural landscapes 🏞️, rich history 🏛️, and beautiful Art Nouveau architecture 🏢. From the charming streets of Riga to the breathtaking Gauja National Park, explore the wonders of this fascinating country. Plan your journey to Latvia today!

Latvia is a country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It shares borders with Estonia to the north, Russia to the east, Belarus to the southeast, and Lithuania to the south. The country has a coastline along the Baltic Sea to the west. Latvia is a parliamentary republic and a member of the European Union, the United Nations, and NATO.


  • Ainažu iela 74, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu lauku teritorija, LV 2160, Latvia
  • BrÄ«vÄ«bas pieminekļa laukums, Central District, RÄ«ga, Latvia
  • Cenas tÄ«reļa laipu taka, Latvia
  • Gauja, Carnikavas novads, Latvia
  • Latvia (1)
  • Latvia (2)
  • Latvia (3)
  • Latvia (4)
  • Latvia (5)
  • Latvia (6)
  • Latvia (7)
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  • Latvia (9)
  • Latvia
  • latvia-flag
  • Riga, Latvia (1)
  • Riga, Latvia (2)
  • Riga, Latvia (3)
  • Riga, Latvia
  • RundalÄ—, Rundāle Parish, Latvia
  • Sunday evening above Riga old town from birdview perspective
  • The flag of Republic of Latvia
  • The Freedom Monument, Riga, Latvia

Main Attractions

Some of the main tourist attractions in Latvia include:

  • 1

    Riga Old Town: a historic district in the capital city of Riga that is famous for its medieval architecture.

  • 2

    Jurmala Beach: a long stretch of sandy beach along the Gulf of Riga that is popular with tourists and locals.

  • 3

    Gauja National Park: a large nature reserve in central Latvia that contains forests, rivers, and historical sites.

  • 4

    Turaida Castle: a medieval castle located in the Gauja National Park that dates back to the 13th century.

  • 5

    Kuldiga Waterfall: a picturesque waterfall in western Latvia that is one of the widest in Europe.

  • 6

    Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum: a museum located near Riga that showcases traditional Latvian rural life and culture.

  • 7

    Sigulda Castle: a medieval castle located in the town of Sigulda, known for its striking red brick architecture.

  • 8

    Cesis Castle: a medieval castle located in the town of Cesis that dates back to the 13th century.

  • 9

    Latvian National Museum of Art: a museum in Riga that contains a collection of Latvian and European art.

  • 10

    Rundale Palace: a Baroque palace located in the town of Rundale that was designed by the same architect who created the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions that Latvia has to offer. The country is also known for its natural beauty, including its forests, lakes, and rivers.


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