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About Country

Approximately 3.7 million (2021 estimate)
Population Density
56 people per square kilometer
$17.7 billion (nominal, 2020 estimate)
Georgian is the official language, but Russian and English are also widely spoken
Georgian lari
National Dish
Khinkali (dumplings filled with meat and spices)
Christianity is the predominant religion in Georgia, with the Georgian Orthodox Church being the main denomination
Georgia has a diverse climate, ranging from humid subtropical in the coastal regions to continental in the interior, and highland climate in the mountainous areas
Main Industries
Agriculture, including wine production and fruit cultivation, mining, energy, and tourism
Level of Development
Georgia is considered a lower-middle-income country, with a human development index (HDI) ranking of 112 out of 189 countries (2020)
Approximately 69,700 square kilometers

Experience the enchanting beauty of Georgia 🇬🇪, a land steeped in history and brimming with natural wonders. Marvel at the ancient culture 🏛️, explore the scenic landscapes 🏞️, and savor the world-famous wine 🍷. Discover the magic of this hidden gem today!

Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The country is known for its ancient history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty, including the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coastline.


  • 2 Abano St, T'bilisi, Georgia
  • 8 Egnate Ninoshvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 10 Abano St, T'bilisi, Georgia
  • A glorious sunset over Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Adishi, Georgia
  • Ananuri, Georgia
  • Batumi, Georgia (1)
  • Batumi, Georgia
  • Chilling in Georgia
  • Chronicles of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Datvis Jvnis Ugeltexili, Georgia
  • Georgia Friendship Monument, Kazbegi, Georgia
  • Georgia
  • Georgien
  • Gudauri View Point, Georgia
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Juta - Mountain Chaukhebi Rd, Juta, Georgia
  • Juta, Georgia
  • Jvari Monastery of Mtskheta, Georgia
  • Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta, Georgia
  • Kazbegi, Georgia (1)
  • kazbegi, georgia (2)
  • Kazbegi, Georgia (3)
  • Kazbegi, Georgia (4)
  • Kazbegi, Georgia (5)
  • Kazbegi, Georgia
  • Khevsuret'is K'edi, Georgia
  • Kudebi Lift, Georgia
  • Motsameta, Georgia
  • Mtskheta, Georgia
  • Old Tbilisi City, Tbilisi, Georgia (1)
  • Old Tbilisi City, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Qazbegi, Qazbegi, Georgia
  • Tbilisi city, georgia travel
  • Tbilisi City, Georgia
  • tbilisi georgia narikala
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (1)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (2)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (3)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (4)
  • tbilisi, georgia (5)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (6)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (7)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (8)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (9)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Trinity Gergeti Church, Kazbegi, Georgia
  • Uplistsikhe, Georgia
  • Ushba, Georgia
  • Ushguli, Georgia (1)
  • Ushguli, Georgia
  • Vashlovani, Dedoplistskaro, Georgia

Main Attractions

Some of the main tourist attractions in Georgia include:

  • 1

    Tbilisi Old Town: a historic district in the capital city, known for its colorful architecture, traditional houses, and narrow cobblestone streets.

  • 2

    Svaneti: a mountainous region in western Georgia, known for its picturesque villages, medieval watchtowers, and stunning natural beauty.

  • 3

    Kakheti Wine Region: a wine-growing region in eastern Georgia, known for its vineyards, wine cellars, and traditional wine-making methods.

  • 4

    Batumi: a seaside resort town on the Black Sea coast, known for its modern architecture, vibrant nightlife, and sandy beaches.

  • 5

    Uplistsikhe: an ancient cave city located in central Georgia, dating back to the Iron Age.

  • 6

    Kazbegi: a mountainous region in northern Georgia, known for its scenic landscapes, including the towering Mount Kazbek and the Gergeti Trinity Church.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions that Georgia has to offer. The country's rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and warm hospitality make it a must-see destination for travelers who are looking for an authentic and unique experience.


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