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About Country

Kuwait City
Approximately 4.3 million (2021 estimate)
Population Density
240 people per square kilometer
$133.5 billion (nominal, 2021 estimate)
Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken
Kuwaiti dinar (KWD)
National Dish
Machboos (a spicy rice dish with meat or fish)
Islam is the predominant religion in Kuwait, with Sunni Muslims being the majority and Shia Muslims making up a significant minority
Kuwait has a desert climate with hot summers and cool winters. Temperatures can reach up to 50°C (122°F) during the summer months
Main Industries
Oil and gas production, financial services, and real estate
Level of Development
Kuwait is considered a high-income country, with a human development index (HDI) ranking of 55 out of 189 countries (2020)
Approximately 17,818 square kilometers

Discover the vibrant beauty of Kuwait 🇰🇼, a land of glittering skyscrapers 🏙️, bustling souks 🛍️, and rich cultural heritage. Indulge in the mouthwatering cuisine 🍽️, marvel at the grandeur of the Grand Mosque, and explore the many wonders of this fascinating country. Plan your trip to Kuwait today!

Kuwait is a small country located in the Middle East. It is bordered by Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. The country has a desert climate with hot summers and cool winters.


  • Adailiya, Kuwait
  • Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait
  • Khiran, Kuwait
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  • Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Kuwait City, Swabir view
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  • Kuwait Towers, Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Kuwait Towers
  • Kuwait
  • Salmiya, Kuwait
  • Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Main Attractions

Some of the main tourist attractions in Kuwait include:

  • 1

    Kuwait Towers: a group of three towers in Kuwait City that serve as a symbol of the country's economic success.

  • 2

    The Grand Mosque: the largest mosque in Kuwait, located in Kuwait City.

  • 3

    Failaka Island: an island located off the coast of Kuwait City that has ancient ruins and a museum.

  • 4

    The Tareq Rajab Museum: a museum in Kuwait City that houses a collection of Islamic art and artifacts.

  • 5

    The Scientific Center: an educational center in Kuwait City that features an aquarium, an IMAX theater, and a discovery center.

  • 6

    The Liberation Tower: a tower in Kuwait City that was built to commemorate the country's liberation from Iraq in 1991.

  • 7

    Souq Al-Mubarakiya: a traditional market in Kuwait City that sells everything from spices and textiles to gold and jewelry.

  • 8

    Al Hamra Tower: the tallest building in Kuwait, located in Kuwait City.

  • 9

    Al Kout Mall: one of the largest malls in Kuwait, located in Fahaheel.

  • 10

    Al Shaheed Park: a public park in Kuwait City that features gardens, fountains, and monuments.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions that Kuwait has to offer. The country is also known for its rich history and culture, as well as its delicious cuisine.


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