Christmas Island


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About Country

The island does not have an official capital
Approximately 1,500 (2021 estimate)
Population Density
1.5 people per square kilometer
N/A, as it is a territory of Australia
English is the official language
Australian dollar
National Dish
Christianity is the predominant religion
Christmas Island has a tropical climate with high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. The wet season is from November to April, while the dry season is from May to October
Main Industries
Phosphate mining, tourism, and fishing
Level of Development
N/A, as it is a territory of Australia
Approximately 135 square kilometers

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Christmas Island 🇨🇽, home to the spectacular annual migration of red crabs 🦀, pristine beaches 🏖️, and exotic wildlife 🦜. Immerse yourself in the unique natural wonders of this remote Australian territory. Start planning your adventure today!

Christmas Island is a territory of Australia located in the Indian Ocean, about 2,600 kilometers northwest of Perth. The island is known for its unique wildlife and natural beauty, particularly its red crab migration.


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  • Ethel Beach, Christmas Island

Main Attractions

Some of the main tourist attractions on Christmas Island include:

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    Red crab migration: every year, millions of red crabs migrate from the island's rainforests to the coast to breed.

  • 2

    National Park: the island is home to a national park that includes rainforest, beaches, and unique wildlife such as the Abbott's booby and the Christmas Island flying fox.

  • 3

    Diving and Snorkeling: the island is surrounded by coral reefs that offer excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities.

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    Culture and History: the island has a unique cultural history, influenced by its Chinese, Malay, and European heritage. Visitors can learn about the island's history and culture at the Christmas Island Visitor Centre.

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    Beaches: the island has several beautiful beaches, including Flying Fish Cove, which is the main settlement on the island.

  • 6

    Birdwatching: the island is home to several endemic bird species, including the Christmas Island frigatebird and the Christmas Island goshawk.

Visitors to Christmas Island must obtain a permit from the Australian government and should be aware of potential hazards, such as the presence of crocodiles, venomous snakes, and the risk of dengue fever.


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