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About Country

Approximately 61 million (2021 estimate)
Population Density
67 people per square kilometer
$62.2 billion (nominal, 2020 estimate)
Swahili and English are the official languages, with numerous local languages spoken as well
Tanzanian shilling (TZS)
National Dish
Ugali and fish is a popular dish in Tanzania, made with maize flour and served with a variety of fish dishes
Christianity and Islam are the predominant religions in Tanzania, with indigenous beliefs also practiced
Tanzania has a tropical climate with a rainy season from March to May and a dry season from June to October
Main Industries
Agriculture, mining, tourism, and manufacturing
Level of Development
Tanzania is considered a developing country with a human development index (HDI) ranking of 163 out of 189 countries (2020)
Approximately 947,303 square kilometers

Embark on an adventure in Tanzania 🇹🇿, where you can witness diverse wildlife on thrilling safaris 🦁, conquer Mount Kilimanjaro ⛰️, and unwind on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar 🏖️. Discover this captivating country’s unique charm and breathtaking landscapes!

Tanzania is a country located in East Africa known for its diverse wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture.


  • Crater Highlands, Ngorongoro, Tanzania
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (1)
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Elephant family Serengeti National Park
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania (1)
  • ngorongoro crater, tanzania
  • Ngorongoro, Tanzania
  • Restaurant in the middle of the sea in Zanzibar
  • Serengeti, Tanzania (1)
  • Serengeti, Tanzania (2)
  • Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania (1)
  • Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Zebras having fun in Tanzania

Main Attractions

Some of the main tourist attractions in Tanzania include:

  • 1

    Serengeti National Park: a world-renowned national park known for its wildebeest migration and diverse wildlife, including lions, elephants, and giraffes.

  • 2

    Mount Kilimanjaro: Africa's highest mountain, located in the Kilimanjaro National Park, and a popular destination for trekking and climbing.

  • 3

    Zanzibar: an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania known for its white sandy beaches, historic Stone Town, and vibrant culture.

  • 4

    Ngorongoro Conservation Area: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the Ngorongoro Crater, which is known for its wildlife and stunning landscapes.

  • 5

    Lake Victoria: the largest lake in Africa and a popular destination for fishing and water sports.

  • 6

    Tarangire National Park: a national park known for its large herds of elephants, baobab trees, and diverse wildlife.

  • 7

    Selous Game Reserve: one of the largest game reserves in Africa and a popular destination for safaris and wildlife watching.

  • 8

    Mafia Island: an island off the coast of Tanzania known for its coral reefs and marine life, including sea turtles, dolphins, and whales.

  • 9

    Ruaha National Park: a national park located in southern Tanzania known for its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes.

  • 10

    Mikumi National Park: a national park located in central Tanzania known for its large herds of elephants, giraffes, and antelopes.

These are just a few examples of the many attractions that Tanzania has to offer. The country is also known for its rich cultural heritage, with a variety of traditional dances, music, and festivals celebrated throughout the year.


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